Why It Works


Hi! I'm Jennifer Mann,

I want to share with you how these programs and their successes differ from other dog training programs and philosophies out there.

First, and I think most importantly, no other program that I know of has combined the best of methods with my proprietary programs and principles.

Today, these programs have a proven track record at L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village, California where we meet face-to-face with our many happy customers every single day teaching them using the Mann’s Best Friend dog training programs and principles.

Each year, over 1000 dog-families graduate this program to the advanced level you will see in the videos!

The results are amazingly similar in that 95% of the dogs are successfully heeling on a loose leash, performing down-stays to a distance of fifteen feet with distractions, the dogs are responding on the first request to verbal cues, have been weaned off of treats, and all of this out in the real world, which is in sharp contrast to many training programs operated or filmed inside of a warehouse or on a rural farm.*

*Results will vary based on a variety of factors including a dogs natural tendencies and predisposition, as well as owners ability and follow-through.

how it works

    In order to teach dogs using our language, it is essential that we first learn a bit of theirs! I have spent my lifetime learning how dogs communicate and understand. I am the creator of Dog Speak-Body Language and The Five Senses, which results in a quicker result because your dog understands you!

      I have authored articles on every dog issue under the sun and I have shared all this information in the courses, showing you on video in real-time how to stand, move, hold your leash, and what your dog is trying to say to you with his language–body language. I invite you to read my bio Meet Jennifer.

      No other online dog training program that I know of teaches a combination of the best of disciplines, plus my proprietary methods and philosophies, using a language that dogs understand.

      Plus, I have taken on the challenge of teaching you the hard stuff like heeling (we make it happen), and getting your pup off of the food treats. Do we use food treats? You bet we do! Do we loose ’em quick? Quicker than you can blink…(just kidding you can blink faster)!

      In my experience each dog is different and one size does not fit all in training for your dog, so you will want to be shown how to apply different disciplines based on the feedback from your dog…here we go again: Dog Speak!

      Lastly, there is no reason for you to spend a lifetime with your dog dragging you down or not listening unless you have some food handy. Get with the program today for best results!


  • You have a brand new puppy and want to get off on the right foot with potty training and more.
  • You have a rescue dog who is new to your family but no longer a puppy and may benefit from learning patience.
  • You have already taken dog training classes that have not worked for you and need a fresh approach.
  • You have an adult dog with an issue or two, or three such as fear or aggression.


      You can begin with the Puppy Head Start program as soon as you bring your puppy home! It is packed with everything you need to get through the next four months including potty training.

      To begin the Proven 8-Week Program, we recommend no earlier than 24 weeks of age. Both programs will set you leaps and bounds ahead of the pack! 

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