Fearful Or Anxious Dogs

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There is evidence that most dog aggression began with fears and insecurities

Program Contents:

  • Establishing Secure Personal Space
  • House Rules for Visitors, and Training your Friends
  • Socializing Outside the House
  • Master Your Timing
  • Proactive vs. Reactive
  • For a limited time, receive the lesson “Leave-it” absolutely free!


There are great benefits to putting reliable obedience in place with our fearful or anxious dogs.

  • Your dog will be focusing his attention on your interaction.
    Practicing obedience leaves little energy for concerns about external events that may normally make him anxious.
  • It establishes a relationship with your dog that he can rely on (See Dog Training and Leadership).
    People may assume they already have a relationship with their dog if for example their pet responds to, or initiates affection. This is not totally the case. Your dog needs to come to understand by virtue of many, many repetitions that YOU are in control of the scary situation and you won’t let him down.
  • Practicing obedience helps you become a better handler.
    It improves and maintains your awareness and timing, keeping you alert and pro-active in keeping him safe.
  • It provides you tools to manage situations.
    Teaching heel, sit, down, stay, and leave-it in particular can help your dog through a tough situation. Mann’s Best Friend has an entire lesson on “Leave it” which is the essential first step in helping your dog through his insecurities.

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