Proven 8 Week Program

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Online Dog Training Courses- Advanced Results Made Easy

Yes you can achieve the advanced results you see in videos and television! Step-by-step instruction and videos that are easy to follow and entertaining.

Our online dog training videos are not just lectures!

We will show you in beautiful videos, using REAL student dogs, doing their REAL lessons, so you can achieve REAL results!

These proven methods and techniques were developed over years of experience and research using the best techniques from successful trainers around the country!  This mashup is unique to Mann’s Best Friend and L.A. School for Dogs where over one thousand dogs are successfully trained each year!

This course will provide you the critical skills you will need to enjoy your dog again!

Building Impulse Control

Once your puppy is six months of age or older, he is able to build his attention span and patience.  This means we can teach him to sit until excused, lay down until excused, stay until excused, and walk next to you until excused!  Yes We Can!  These behaviors then come to take the place of the “crazys”, and viola! a much calmer dog.  Just remember, the longer your dog has “practiced” bad behaviors the longer it will take to “replace” those with the new calmer behaviors.  Anything that is practiced will become permanent!  We do it every day at L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village, California but in just three weeks!

Oh one more thing; yes, old dogs can learn new tricks (see video testimonials)!

Program Contents:

  • Concepts To Start -Core Concepts
    • Dog Speak – Body Language & The 5 Senses
    • The Proper Use of Treats
    • Watching And Motivating Your Dog
    • Practice – Building Muscle Memory using Behavior Chains
  • Leave It
    • Teaching Alternative Behaviors
    • Increasing Distractions
  • Sit And Free
    • Release Word , Work Time and Free Time
  • Down And Settle
    • Adding distance to Down
  • The Biggie-Walking at Heel
    • Teaching Automatic Sits
    • Mastering your Heeling Turns
    • Positive and Negative Markers
  • The Stay Sway
    • Adding Distance to Stay
  • Teaching “Come”
    • “Come” for Young Puppies
    • Come When Called
  • Distance Duration Distraction
    • Adding Distance
    • Adding Duration
    • Adding Distraction
  • The Power of “Place”
  • Dogs should be twenty-four weeks or older.
  • Plan to use in conjunction with our  Puppy Head Start program.
  • Results are always greater than anticipated!

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