Meet Jennifer

"Jennifer speaks dog"
Jenny Liu
4th generation Feng Shui Master

Jennifer Mann

Creator of 
Mann’s Best Friend
 dog training online.

Jennifer owns and operates L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village, California where her Mann’s Best Friend principles and proven dog training programs are implemented daily. Her facility operates at capacity all year long and regularly generates astounding results for over one thousand families each year.

Her positive yet realistic approach is heralded by clients and in expert dog training circles.

For the first time ever, Jennifer is sharing her secrets through the Mann’s Best Friend online dog training program.

Where it Began

      Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jennifer comes from a celebrity background.  She is the daughter of Johnny Mann (of the Johnny Mann Singers) and Lori Nelson (1950’s starlet of the big screen).  

      “I had to be so grown up at such a young age, it was a relief to be around the animals where we just understood each other without even having to talk” she says.

      “From the time I was a small girl I could speak dog. I was a shy and quiet youngster and found solace spending non-verbal time mostly with dogs and occasionally horses too. I was drawn to stray, or fearful dogs and I studied them trying to learn what they were trying to tell me. I was determined to earn their trust and communicate my intent in a way they could understand.” 

      “Jennifer was always bringing home stray dogs…”
says her mother, “… and before you knew it,
they would be doing circus tricks in the living room”.

      “I was never fearful of animals no matter how big or menacing they appeared. Perhaps it was because I grew up with two wolf-sized dogs. “Moose” and “Hoss” were German Shepherd, Husky and Wolf mixes. I was just a toddler when, in their exuberance they would push me around and knock me down, and so I just learned to push them right back!”

Jennifer wrangling Moose and Hoss (1971)

“Although I didn’t know it yet, this was the
beginnings of my learning about how dogs communicate.

Early on it became clear that speaking on behalf of mans best friend was my calling.”

More Recently

    Since then, Jennifer has acquired an extensive toolbox of experience and credentials. Jennifer has trained Congressional and Military family dogs in the Washington D.C. metro area including a certain Presidential pet. She has even trained a German Shepherd in Japanese! Jennifer has spent years implementing various training disciplines and programs, and regularly mentors others to become professional dog trainers. In 2012, Jennifer re-branded “Good-Dog, Bad-Dog k9 Academy” and opened L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village to better reflect the positive approach and upscale nature of the school. She regularly speaks on topics ranging from child rearing to dog park survival strategies and more.