Introduction-Online Puppy Training

The first 6 months of your puppies life will determine the rest of your life together! 

This program is designed to guide you and your puppy through these formative months, resulting in a calm, confident and cooperative young dog.

"How can this help me?"

You will benefit from this program if...

  • Your puppy is 6 months or younger.
  • You want your puppy to get an early start on training.
  • You are looking to crate or house train your puppy.
  • You would like to prevent bad habits before they develop.

"How does this program and it's success differ from other online puppy training programs and philosophies?"

  • We have a proven track record at L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village, California.
  • These courses will show you step-by-step using REAL untrained dogs, in REAL training environments, yielding REAL results! 
  • We teach you and your puppy using a language that puppies understand.
  • You will learn to prevent pulling on the leash in the first place.
  • You will learn how to bomb-proof your puppy using safe socialization strategies and exposure checklists.
  • This program will enable you to achieve a more advanced result at a younger age when used in conjunction with our  Proven 8 Week Program.


How to use this program

Right out the gate I will provide you a few of my most significant Core Concept secrets you will need in order to start training. These methods and principles are used each and every day at L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village, California. 

I will take you step-by-step through the best puppy obedience training using videos of REAL dogs, doing their REAL lessons, and show you the REAL results. Each lesson and topic can be read or downloaded via PDF for reading later, which is highly recommended.

Let's get started!