Introduction-Online Dog Training

Whether you are looking to solve existing problems, or you 
would like to avoid some of the more serious issues altogether,

You have come to the right place!

"How can this help me?"

You will benefit from these programs if...

  • You have a brand new puppy and want to get off on the right foot.
  • You have a rescue dog who is new to your family but no longer a puppy.
  • You have already taken training classes that have not worked for you.
  • You have an adult dog with an issue or two, or three. 

Here you will find the reasons why dogs respond or not, and how you can get through to them, all explained in a way that is easy to understand!

"How does this program and it's success differ from other dog training programs and philosophies?"

  • We have a proven track record at L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village, California. Every three to six weeks approximately 15-20 dogs graduate this program!*
  • These courses will show you step-by-step using REAL untrained dogs, in REAL training environments, yielding REAL results! 
  • There is a plan to get your dog off of food rewards by the end of the program.
  • Your dog should become responsive to your first requests.
  • We have a set curriculum, order and time frame in which you should achieve success.
  • Your dog should become tolerant to significant distractions (dog dependent). 
  • Your dog should walk next to you without pulling!
  • No other training program teaches my proprietary methods and philosophies, using language that dogs understand. In order to teach dogs our language, it is essential that we first learn a bit of theirs.

*Because of the nature of web-based learning, this program has been modified  to give you a more realistic time frame of eight to ten weeks.

** Results will vary based on a variety of factors including a dogs natural tendencies and predisposition, as well as owner ability and follow-through.

"How old should my dog be to start?"

You can begin with the Puppy Head Start program as soon as you bring your puppy home!
It is packed with everything you need to get through the next four months including potty training.

For the 8 Week Program, we recommend no earlier than 24 weeks of age.
Both programs will set you leaps and bounds ahead of the pack! 

"Where did I go wrong?"

In my experience, most concerns with dogs stem from a lack of the right combination of training elements. 

These problems may be due to inherent personality traits of the dog, lack of exercise or boredom. Some are even due to incorrect training! If you have started and stopped training more than once, your dog is more resistant to training knowing it is only temporary with you.

Stick with it until the end this time!

"How do I fix it?"

Remember: To eliminate old habits, you need to replace them with new good habits. So, you will first teach replacement behaviors using these programs, then simply ask for a new behavior every time your dog is getting ready to do the old undesirable behavior.

Simply stick with the program to the end and your dog will have a bunch of preferable new habits!


How to use this program

The very first lesson is Concepts to Start. Right out the gate I have provided you a few of my most significant Core Concept secrets you will want to grasp in order to start training. A few others are sprinkled throughout the program at appropriate times for better absorption and actual application.

Then you will have three lessons that will prepare you for the biggie: Walking at the Heel. At that point congratulate yourself because you are about to accomplish something that escapes ninety percent of the dog owning population. I will take you step-by-step through the process using videos of REAL DOGS, doing their REAL lessons, and show you the REAL RESULTS. Of course, each lesson and topic can be read or downloaded via PDF for reading later which is highly recommended.

The rest of the lessons will be cake because you will be putting into practice all the Dog Speak, Body Language and the Five Senses from my Core Concepts!

Let's get started!