Free Dog Training Videos

Free Dog Training Videos

Free Dog Training Videos

Free Online Dog Training Videos

We are super excited you have chosen to check out some of our free online dog training videos (starring real clients dogs) as examples of the Mann’s Best Friend dog and puppy training approach and philosophies. I’ve been doing this all my life and so for me, dog training is easy! Once I teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way he understands, it will become easy for you as well!

Over 1000 dogs every year graduate our courses with five-star reviews!

Check out Why It Works!

Question: “Are your dog training videos really free, and how do I see you in action? Most online dog trainers offer free dog training, only to find out there is no training in the videos at all, just a bunch of selling”.

Answer: My quick response is yes, these videos and the training articles are totally free online dog obedience training, principles, advice and quick-tips. You will see me in the videos training real clients dogs and achieving the same real results as at L.A. School for Dogs every day! I have never been afraid of giving away free dog training help and advice! I know that once people begin implementing these principles, they come back for more because it works! 

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