Simple Puppy Training Solutions

This puppy thing won’t last forever, and they won’t learn the rules without your help. By training your puppy, you can establish good habits, and fill his time with new activities. Hopefully, there will be little time left over for getting into trouble!

How To Get Reliable Results When Potty Training Your Puppy

Reliable potty training can be frustrating if you don’t know where to start, and even worse when your puppy has already started to develop a habit, but it’s not too late! You can help your pup settle into their new home with these simple tips.

Simple Steps to Prevent Your Excited Dog from Jumping Up

Often, people react instinctively to this behavior by happily greeting their dog or pushing it down with their hands. In either case, this sends the message that jumping up is acceptable, and so the habit only grows. By teaching an alternative behavior you can begin to take back some control, and request behaviors you prefer!

Tips On Getting Your Dog To Come When Called

After calling your dog to you, have you ever: scolded him, taken him inside to stop barking, put him in the bath, brushed him, or taken something away? Your dog may have stopped coming when you call if it is followed by things he dislikes!

General Training Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

Practice makes permanent! The biggest mistake dog owners make is in thinking their dog or puppy will just grow out of it. But by allowing your dog to practice pulling, jumping, stealing or soiling in the house will only reinforce these behaviors.

How To Reduce Anxiety Or Aggression In Your Fearful Dog

Attempting to soothe your fearful dog’s anxiety with treats, or coddling is actually encouraging the unwanted behavior. Through training. we keep your dogs mind on other things long enough to replace the problem behavior with the preferable ones.

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Leash Pulling On Walks

What is the single biggest complaint from dog owners? PULLING on the leash! The truth is, the more time a dog spends practicing pulling on the leash, the more they make a habit of it! In fact, the more we pull our dogs close the worse it becomes! Here’s how

Is formal training a necessity for every dog?

If this is you and your dog then the answer is yes! For example, this leash pulling behavior will not get better with time. Some dogs are born with a generally laid-back personality and so sometimes you can get away … Read more

Tips For Fearful or Anxious Dogs

There is evidence that many aggressive dog behaviors are a result of fears and insecurities. Preventing aggression in our fearful anxious dogs is do-able if you know what to look for. ~Jenn On a pretty regular basis folks come in … Read more