How To Get Reliable Results When Potty Training Your Puppy

· February 21, 2019 3

How To Get Reliable Results When Potty Training Your Puppy

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Puppy Head Start

Program Content

What You’ll Learn

Tools to Start – Introduction To Training

How To Crate and House Train

  • Crate Training
  • House Training

Happy Pee – Submissive Urination

Socialize Your Puppy!

Introduction to Leash Walking

Puppy Basics – Part 1

  • Word Cues
  • Where and How Long to Train

Puppy Basics – Part 2

  • Down, Settle, Free
  • Drop It

Come When Called For Puppies

Puppy Problem Areas

  • Biting, Mouthing, Chewing
  • Jumping Up and Barking


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Puppy Head Start

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Quickly gain control over your potty training.

Stop destructive chewing and biting.

Prevent pulling on the leash and jumping up.

Safely socialize your puppy to prevent fearful or aggressive behaviors later.

Teach your puppy to sit, come, lay down and other activities.

And So Much More!


Three Happy Families Share Their Stories

Jennifer Mann

Known by her clients and friends as their ‘doggie-guru’, Jennifer Mann is a credentialed Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has been working in dog and puppy training, obedience, socialization and behavior modification for 20 years.