How To Reduce Anxiety Or Aggression In Your Fearful Dog

Don’t let your anxious or fearful dog create stress in your life.

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Proven 8 Week Program 

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Jennifer Mann


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Jennifer owns and operates L.A. School for Dogs in Westlake Village, California where her Mann’s Best Friend principles and proven dog training programs are implemented daily.   

Her facility operates at capacity all year long and regularly generates astounding results for over one thousand families each year. Her positive yet realistic approach is heralded by clients and in expert dog training circles.  

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Proven 8 Week Program

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Why People Love Mann’s Best Friend 

Five+ stars for sure!

5.0 rating
November 18, 2018

I found Jennifer and Jessica via the internet while searching for obedience training for our golden retriever puppy. With her training and expertise she has transformed a very shy puppy into a confident young dog. I am looking forward to continuing with advanced training with LASFD!!!

Teri A.

I've never had a dog professionally trained before

5.0 rating
November 18, 2018

I’ve had dogs all my life. From here on out i will always bring all my dogs to Jen! She really knows and understands them. I have an 8 month old pug/ frenchie mix that had alot of energy and now after training she walks well on a leash, is super mellow yet still playful and a love to be around. That is all due to Jen! It really is the perfect place for your dog!

Lindsay E.

Working with Jennifer completely changed my relationship with my dogs.

5.0 rating
November 18, 2018

My two dogs were rowdy and wild. It had become incredibly stressful to even take them for walks. After her six week course of private training, I can now calmly walk both dogs on a loose leash together with the family and hang out at the coffee shop on a Saturday morning (which was our goal) without them pulling and barking. I had to do a lot of work, since I was doing the training myself, but Jennifer clearly taught me how to work with my dogs, explained what I should be doing each week and developed strategies to work through my specific dog issues.

Randy S.

I love their positive approach to dog training.

5.0 rating
November 18, 2018

L.A. School for Dogs is fabulous! I couldn’t be happier with the training my puppy and I both received. I was amazed by the progress my Wheaten puppy, Stella, displayed at the end of each week. They also did a great job of ensuring I had the training to continue to reinforce Stella’s new skills. I have used other trainers in the past, for other dogs, but this is, by far, the best!! Thanks so much to Jennifer and Jesse – you have made my puppy days so much more peaceful!

Jeanie M.

Jennifer at LA School for Dogs was awesome!

5.0 rating
November 18, 2018

I had taken our Sadie to 3 different types of training lessons (puppy, group and privates) and we were still having trouble with her obedience and pulling on walks. She is now able to heal on a walk, sits and stays, comes when we call her and best of all I don’t need to have a treat in my hand for Sadie to listen!! Jennifer was kind and very patient with me. Her technique is easy to understand and I was able to implement it well once we went home. I would recommend her and her staff to anyone who needs basic to advanced training for their dog!

Karen S.

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