Is this “clicker” dog training?

No, this is not clicker dog training.

Clickers are great for things such as teaching complex tricks that require building micro-movements with your dog. The clicker principle is awesome in that it is used to capture your desired action from your dog immediately in order to point out what he did to earn a reward. The click is used to “mark” precisely when your dog gets something right that you are trying to teach him, and also lets him know the reward is coming. 

However, in my many years of experience, I have found that clients find it too cumbersome to use a clicker for general obedience training. And it is just not necessary. You are able to accomplish the same thing by using the word “yes!” when your dog does something right, leaving your hands free for other things during training.

In the Mann’s Best Friend Proven Eight-Week Program, there is a lesson on how to use markers as an essential part of your advanced training program.

Another essential dog training secret that I am sharing is The Proper Use of Treats. This is where most online dog training programs fail you. Who ever actually shows you how to successfully wean your dog off of the food treats successfully? I do, I invite you to give it a try!